Google For Real Estate Agents

Part Two: Common Questions & Answers

Having worked with over 400 Agents on creating and strengthening their Google Business Profile, I found a handful of consistent questions. When you create your profile or edit it, it might help to know these and and the answers..

Should I use my home address or the office?

This answer is easy. Never use your home address. The recommendation is to use your office…although Google doesn’t require an address. If you don’t use a specific address, though, Google can’t show your business on the map. So you’ll be missing if people are searching using the map app.

Can multiple Agents use the same office address?

Yes and it’s very common in real estate. What will make it possible with Google to have more than one business at the same address is your Business Profile name. Here is a good example of a business name that helps Google understand: Susan Smith Real Estate – Your Brokerage Properties.

What should my business hours be?

You can do Monday – Sunday…but be careful not to do 24 hours a day. I know that Realtors will work all hours;) But Google finds this suspicious.

What if I get a bad review?

It’s easy to panic. Bad reviews create a bad impression. Just know, though, that it can happen. The best steps to take when this happens are:

  • Respond, professionally, in your dashboard to every review. Good and bad. If you never respond or do 2 years later, you’re less likely to be able to convince Google to take it down.
  • Request in your dashboard that Google remove the review. Google rarely removes bad reviews, but you should still ask.
  • Get more positive reviews:). If you have 2 reviews and one is bad, your average rating will be low. If you a bad review and have many positive reviews, the bad review will have little impact on your average rating.

Can another Agent give me a review?

Absolutely! They work with you and know your work ethic and results. Don’t make the mistake of paying for reviews or asking your family, though. This is forbidden in Google policies.

How often should I post images and videos?

That will be up to you and how much time you have. In my experience, if you start off with enough to make your business look legitimate and professional, then posting once a month is enough.

These are just some of the common questions that might arise as you create and sustain your profile. Below are some common FAQ that Google provides that will further help with your experience.

Helpful Google Profile Links

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